“Black is Back!” is the motto of the first hybrid International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart. True to this motto – the focus on the basics of animation such as reduction, simplification and clarity – the ITFS VR Hub is also designed in a black and white look.

The ITFS VR Hub is our digital multi-user experience, where visitors can meet and exchange ideas virtually as avatars in numerous locations, such as the virtual Schlossplatz, the ITFS cinema, a lounge and various digital workshop rooms. In the ITFS VR Hub you can find animated Streaming events, workshops and presentations take place, there are live performances and DJ sets to experience.

The visual concept of the ITFS VR Hub, like the 2022 festival trailer, comes from the Swiss animation artist François Chalet, the overall concept of the ITFS VR Hub was developed together with the American XR designer Allison Crank, the Swiss VR expert Christophe Merkle and the Dutch IT specialist Raoul Postel, based on the prototype implemented for ITFS 2021, developed in Mozilla Hubs. Provided with graphic, thematic and functional adjustments, the application will then also be used for Raumwelten 2022 as a virtual event and encounter format.

In the ITFS VR Hub, every animation fan worldwide can be part of the first hybrid ITFS, because a large part of the ITFS program takes place in the virtual world of the VR Hub. The ITFS live stream broadcasts the open-air cinema with a film program and interviews from real Stuttgart Schlossplatz directly into the VR cinema.

These diverse online offers in the virtual world of the ITFS VR Hub complement the core of the festival of animated films and enable personal encounters between visitors, filmmakers and professionals. Here you can meet like-minded people before, after and during the events, day and night, regardless of your physical location and time zone, discover the current trends and tendencies in the animation landscape and games industry and get to know personalities and animation history(s) from all over the world. There will also be a virtual get-together in the VR Lounge every day of the festival at 5:00 p.m.

The “ITFS & Raumwelten VR Hub” project is being developed as part of the “dive in. Program for digital interactions” of the Federal Cultural Foundation, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) in the NEUSTART KULTUR program.

Live program in the VR Hub

Happy Hour: daily from 03. – 08. May at 5:00 p.m on the VR Schlossplatz

VR Schlossßplatz_oben

Live-Stream: Schlossplatz

Tue. – Sun., 03.05. – 08.05, 2:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m
Watch the Schlossplatz live stream in the VR Hub

place: Cinema

The program can be viewed here: ITFS Live-Stream

Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-20 um 11.47.24

Workshop: Building VR MetaSpaces with Mozilla Hubs

Wed., 04.05., 03:00 p.m

with: Raoul Postel (Holland)
place: GameZone



Talk: Playing with Animation

Wed., 04.05., 05:00 p.m

with: Michael Frei (Switzerland)
place: GameZone



Workshop: Designing the ITFS Mozilla Hubs Space

Thu., 05.05., 03:00 p.m

with: Allison Crank & Christoph Merkle (France&Switzerland)
place: Workshop



Presentation: “Friedenskinder” – A VR installation about Vienna in the 1940s

Thu., 05.05., 05:00 p.m
with: Causa Creations (Austria)
place: Friedenskinder



Avatar Workshop

Fri., 06.05., 03:00 p.m

with: Ronald Wong Ho Hip (South Africa)
place: GameZone



Presentation: E-Commerce Online Video Advertising Tips and Trends

Fri., 06.05, 3:30 p.m
with: Christoph Kinder, Growth Consultant, KlickPiloten GmbH
place: Lounge


Michael Fakesch Studio


Fri., 06.05, 10:00 p.m
with: Michael Fakesch
place: Club



Avatar Workshop

Sat., 07.05., 03:00 p.m

with: Ronald Wong Ho Hip (South Africa)
place: GameZone


Michael Fakesch BlackWhite


Sat., 07.05, 10:00 p.m
with: Michael Fakesch
place: Club



Award Ceremony: 48h Animation Jam

Sun., 08.05, 03:00 p.m
with: M.A.R.K.13, FMF and the paricipants
place: Schlossplatz

Exhibitions at the VR Hub


Hochschule der Medien – Games & Projects

Tue., 03.05. – 08.05., all day
by: Hochschule der Medien
place: Hochschule der Medien – Games & Projekte



“Friedenskinder” – A VR installation about Vienna in the 1940s

Tue., 03.05. – 08.05., all day
by: Causa Creation
place: Friedenskinder


GameZone: Black&White Ausstellung, Talents

Tue., 03.05. – 08.05., all day
by: different universities
place: GameZone



Tue., 03.05. – 08.05., all day
by: Berthold Leibinger Stiftung
place: Comicbuchpreis- Berthold Leibinger Stiftung


Here you come to the virtual Schlossplatz, the main room of the ITFS VR Hub.

From there you can access our other event rooms by clicking on the correspondingly titled visual.



What is the ITFS VR Hub?

The ITFS VR Hub is a multi-user virtual platform that runs in your browser and requires nothing to install or download. Hubs is the interactive platform for all ITFS visitors and simply for anyone who wants to connect with others digitally and playfully! It’s a great way to get to know the ITFS festival community and network in a shared virtual space.

What devices does the ITFS VR Hub run on?

As the ITFS VR Hub is a browser-based application, it works on mobile, desktop and VR devices and runs most smoothly with Firefox or Chrome browsers. For more information, contact Mozilla Hubs directly.

When is the ITFS VR Hub open?

The ITFS VR Hub will be open 24/7 from May 3, 2022.

What is happening on the ITFS VR Hub?

In addition to the festival program, the ITFS VR Hub offers an additional, exclusive program for users from all over the world, including an avatar workshop, game exhibitions, talks, live stream from the open air and even exclusive feature films that are only shown on the ITFS VR Hub running. Take a look at the program on this page.

How do I get to ITFS VR Hub?

The ITFS VR Hub can be reached via the following link:

Before entering the room of the ITFS VR Hub, you are in the lobby of the room. You can see and hear what’s going on in the room, but you can only interact with the other users via text chat.

Entering the room is somewhat different depending on the device:

On desktop/mobile: Click “Enter Room” and follow the prompts to choose a username/avatar and set up your microphone. At the last prompt, choose “Join on screen” or “Join on phone” if you’re using a mobile phone.

With a VR headset: Check out Mozilla’s guide.

How can I choose my avatar?

You can choose your avatar directly when you enter the lobby. Also in the room you can change your avatar by clicking on “more” in the lower right corner and then on “Change name and avatar”. You can choose from default avatars or create a completely custom avatar. For more information see below.

Can I create my own avatar?

Sure, of course! You can either refactor the default avatars or upload your own 3D model (.glb). ITFS even chooses the most creative self-made avatar in its own avatar competition! For more information on creating your own avatar, visit the Mozilla Hubs or the ITFS Avatar Workshop.

How do I navigate the ITFS VR Hub?

On the desktop, use the WASD or arrow keys to move. You can also right-click to teleport to another location. Use the Q and E keys to rotate your view, or hold down the left mouse button and drag across the screen.

For VR headsets, here is an expanded list of Hubs controls.

To hover, you can type /fly in the text chat box, or press G on the desktop, or press the joystick down in Quest.

I would like an introduction to the ITFS VR Hub. What can I do?

Starting at 05:00 p.m CET (from May 4, 2021) our VR Hub hosts will welcome you daily for a one-hour guided tour of the space at the VR Schlossplatz and help you get to know the space.

I'm having technical difficulties. Where can I find help?

If you have technical difficulties, do not hesitate to send an email to and describe your problem.
A Hubs Manager will help you promptly.

What is the capacity of the ITFS VR Hub room?

A maximum of 50 users can use a room. Once a room is full, all additional users (user number 51 and up) can still participate by watching from the lobby. Users can see and hear what’s happening in the room from the lobby and interact via text chat; however, they are not represented as avatars in the room and their microphone is not active.