Welcome to the OnlineFestival+. A selection of animated films from the current competitions of the 27th edition of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film as well as highlights from the ITFS history are available to stream here. This includes short films from our competition categories International Competition, Young Animation, Tricks for Kids, and Trickstar Nature as well as from the sections Panorama and Best of Animation, along with AniMovie highlights from the current and past ITFS editions.
Animation on demand, anytime and unlimited within the entire Festival period
(May 5 – 10, 2020).


International Competition

The International Competition is the heart of the Festival. This section offers selected critical, humorous, melancholic, and experimental short films from this year’s ITFS International Competition.


Young Animation

Young Animation presents the best short films by students of international film and art academies. Young animation artists create fantastic worlds and open up unusual perspectives.


Tricks for Kids

The children’s film festival Tricks for Kids presents the best short films and episodes of children’s series. The plots deal with animals and humans, friendships and families, telling stories of funny and sad events.



The AniMovie section presents a selection of internationally outstanding, animated feature films. Some of these feature-length films were chosen from this year’s competition but highlight films from the past few years are also available to be (re)discovered.


Trickstar Nature

The Trickstar Nature section is brand-new. These films are dedicated to issues of nature and sustainability, each of them in its very own, special way. They show the world from the perspective of various animals and, in a humorous way, point out social ills.



Das Panorama zeigt die aktuellen Trends der internationalen Animationsfilmszene. Hier versammeln sich kreative, lustige, verrückte und gesellschaftskritische Filme, aktuelle Themen und innovative, ungewöhnliche Animationstechniken.


Animation Around Europe

Animation Around Europe celebrates independent European Animation. Discover a showcase of the Basque animation cinema of recent years representing several generations of artists and a selection of films from the 2019’s Portuguese Animation Awards.


Best of Animation

Best of Animation features animated, internationally awarded short film highlights from the ITFS history. From experimentally artistic, to ironically socio-critical, to affectionately melancholic films – this section offers films for every kind of taste and mood.


Bechstein Classic Animation

The new Bechstein Classic Animation Award honours the best use of music in an animated short film. We are happy to present the Award Nominees in this section: six beautiful animated shorts by students of international film schools.


In Persona

In the In Persona programmes, outstanding animators of international renown grant insight into their work, such as Vladimir Leschiov (Riga) and Joana Toste (Portugal).