Master Classes

Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Hueber-Blies: Zero Impunity

Wednesday, May 6, 12 am (in English)

This master class is a journey through the world of the social impact film “Zero Impunity” by Nicolas Blies and Stéphane Hueber-Blies. This film is the heart of a global transmedia project which combines investigative journalism and activism against the impunity of sexual violence in armed conflict. A new format mix: innovative cinema activism which takes on a dimension of urban guerrilla warfare via projection on façades in strategic and public spaces.

Denis Walgenwitz: Artistic Expectations versus Production Options – Challenges for Animation Projects

Thursday, May 7, 12 am (in English)

How would films such as “The Red Turtle” or “The Congress” have turned out if different decisions would have been made during the production process? Denis Walgenwitz, director, animation supervisor, and lecturer with Animation Sans Frontières, the European training programme for young animation professionals, has worked on both films. He talks about how artistic vision impacts production preparations, how financial restrictions influence creative work, and how to optimize the dialogue between direction and production.
An event organised by the Creative Europe Desks Munich and Strasbourg


Director of short films since 1991, he has been involved in all types of projects. First assistant director (“Persépolis”; Pilot for “The red turtle” …), then production assistant (“Despicable Me”; “My life as a zucchini” …). He is also co-founder of the CICLIC Animation, residency program and has been president of the AFCA for more than 15 years.
After co-directing ” The Death, Father & Son” with Vincent Parronnaud (Prix du Jury Junior Annecy 2018), he joined Ari Folman’s team as LineProducer, which he currently occupies for “Where’s Anne Frank?”

Pedro Rivero: Writing for Animated and Live Action Films

Friday, May 8, 12 am (in English)

Writing a script for an animated movie or for a live action movie, a screenwriter can leave decisions open, to be made by the director or the art department. But is that responsible when you should create a whole new world?

As a screenwriter of two multi-award-winning adaptations, “Psychonauts: The Forgotten Children”, an animated film based on a graphic novel, and “The Platform”, a live action film based on a play, Pedro Rivero will talk about his biggest challenges.

Tina Brenneisen: Techniques of Sabotage for Storytelling in Comics

Sunday, May 10, 12 am

The SABOTAGE Workshop is about ways to liven up classic narrative structures and gridlocked discourses by using sabotage techniques. Tina Brenneisen holds a degree in psychology and has written and illustrated the graphic novel “Das Licht, das Schatten leert”, winner of the Comicbuchpreis of Berthold Leibinger Stiftung in 2017. She will talk about how she constructs narratives by means of guerrilla tactics and Beastie Boys songs and, with case examples from her current comics projects, will grant insights into her special narrative style: How, with the aid of odd analogies and absurd techniques, she tries to shift her own perspective in the telling of a story, so as to surprise herself and others time and time again.