OnlineFestival Pro

OnlineFestival Pro gives industry members access to insights, master classes, and professional talks. In addition, it offers professionals links to the Animation Production Days.

Exclusively available to professionals, it grants them access to the Animated Video Market with its around 1,500 films.

Animated Video Market

The digital Animated Video Market offers industry members a unique overview of a major part of films submitted to this year’s ITFS and thus of the current trends, techniques and topics in the animation scene.

Master Classes

Professionals offer exclusive insights into their work. Following the Master Class in the live stream, the recordings are available here.

Animation Production Days

Animation Production Days (APD), a joint venture of ITFS and FMX, is the most important business platform for animation projects in Germany.

ITFS Talks

The live-stream talks and interviews of renowned filmmakers and experts can be watched here.

News about the OnlineFestival


What moves the animation and film scene, what are the current trends? International professionals chat from the sewing box.

News on ITFS

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