Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)

The Subject Area Game Design of Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) focuses on the culture and design of interactive games. Students learn to use digital media creatively, and develop the essential conceptual, design and technology skills that are required for the development and production of video games. On completion of the Bachelor’s degree programme, students should be able to develop their own fully functional games or game prototypes. Theoretical course content complements the comprehensive practical training provided, building a sound base for the acquisition of specialist expertise in the field. At Bachelor’s level, the Subject Area Game Design enables students to acquire basic subject-related skills in the context of game development projects and to gain more in-depth knowledge through the study of analytical, planning and implementation techniques. The overall aim of the six-semester, full-time teaching programme, which is based on a generalist approach, is to impart a capability to independently develop fully functional games or game prototypes. The key elements of game design are covered through the selection of learning modules offered, which build on one another thematically. The Master’s degree programme guarantees students a comprehensive practical and scientific examination of future-oriented topics in today’s game design. On completion of the Master’s programme, graduates will be capable of developing trendsetting products for the areas of entertainment, edutainment and infotainment, or providing expertise in guiding innovative product developments through the research stages.


Sanatorium (2020) , Sebastian Riedi, BA Game Design Diplomproject

«Sanatorium – a Digital Card Game» takes place in a psychiatric institution from another age. Historical diagnoses, the development of new methods and the mistreatment of patients are all addressed and challenged with cynicism in a fictitious setting.


ENMA’S JUDGMENT (2020), Andreas Strahm, BA Game Design Diplomproject

«Enma no Handan» (Japanese for «Enma’s judgment») is a bullet hell game in which the player wins the chance to escape from hell. The promise of reincarnation awaits those who pass all the tests set by Enma, the King of Hell. But to get there, they need to deal with endless volleys of projectiles.


GNU (2020), Linn Spitz, Yves Biber & Mathis Ebner, Semesterproject Adventure Game Modul

A young shepherd embarks on a mission to gather the land’s mysterious lost creatures and bring them home. A world of danger and a dark night awaits the players.

Vendari – Lost Lands of Mainera

Vendari – Lost Lands of Mainera (2020), Denise Hohl & Eileen Rüegg, BA Game Design Dissertation

The game «Vendari» takes place in the frozen lands of Mainera, where Tabinga, a young girl, is lost in a terrible snowstorm. Engaging visuals and clever methods of environmental storytelling show how the little girl attempts to find her way back home.


P’achakuna (2019-2021), Stefan Kraft & Moreno Vogel, Boardgame course + individual further development

«P’achakuna» is a board game for two players. With their lamas, the players create their path through the Andes and transport resources to sell them for profit. The first player to trade all seven resources wins.

A Round’o’Bout

«A Round’o’Bout» is an acting fighter played with two buttons. Unlike standard fighters, players must first put on a spectacular performance and then knock out their opponent to score points.

A Round’o’Bout (2020), Nils Lange, Severin Brodmann, Nino Coaz. Musik: Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi, Semesterproject Multiplayer