The Animation Workshop

VIA University College

The Animation Workshop / VIA University College is a over 30 year-old animation film school located in Viborg, Denmark. It benefits from a strong international network of artists, professionals, companies, funding institutions and partner schools.

Currently we are composed of various distinct and vibrantly interconnected departments: the Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation & CG Art, Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling, Professional Trainings like Animation Sans Frontières, an Artist in Residence program, the Drawing Academy, the Animated Learning Lab and the Arsenalet (cluster of creative companies).

All bachelor and professional training programs are created and taught with and by guest professionals, who guide and ready the students/participants for the demanding albeit rewarding work life in the advertising, TV, film, comics or games industries.

We also run many various Masterclasses and short courses, like Storyboarding and Worldbuilding, 3D Character Animation&VFX.

Slay the Dragon!

When Maj wishes for her little brother to disappear, a dragon swoops down to abduct him. Now, in order to rescue her little brother, Maj must traverse a fantastical landscape, overcome mighty foes, and ultimately reach the dragon’s lair in order to slay her nemesis.

“Slay the Dragon!” is an isometric hack and slash game inspired by old school adventure games and the Swedish countryside. It is a fun game with a gorgeous artstyle, beautiful music and an overall mood of nostalgia. “Slay the Dragon!” is a game suitable for all ages, but more importantly, it is targeted towards anyone who wishes to re-experience the wonders of childhood imagination.

Jonathan Amador is a modeler and texture artist, who was born in USA but has spent most of his life in Sweden. In order to pursue his dreams of working in the video games industry, he attended the Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphics Art at The Animation Workshop, graduating in 2021. When he’s not world building magical stories or concepting fantastical characters, he likes to arrange brunches. His scones are particularly tasty. “Slay the Dragon!” is his first time directing a game.