Merz Akademie, University of Applied Art, Design and Media, Stuttgart

With a strong interest in the disciplines of the humanities, social and cultural studies, design, art, and technology, Merz Akademie, a nationally accredited, non-profit University of Applied Art, Design and Media, positions itself between a classical art academy, a technical college, and a department of humanities. In teaching, learning and research we emphasize aesthetic experimentation, theoretical reflexivity and (artistic) research in media, but also take the teaching of professional qualifications seriously. The fields of cross-media publishing, film and video, new media and visual communication are regarded as distinct but closely related fields of study. It aims to facilitate the professional and academic education of design-authors who are prepared not only to fulfil but to define the requirements of an ever changing professional field.

Re-Shaping Nature – When Scientific Data Meets Art and Design

In the project Re-Shaping Nature, a cooperation project of Merz Akademie with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior in Konstanz, students were working on artistic approaches to present scientific data.

They are using datasets from behaviour experiments and are giving the data an artistic twist. They are visualizing, for example, a stork’s journey, the mating behaviour of fiddler crabs or the echolocation of bats.