Kunsthochschule Kassel

The Kunsthochschule Kassel brings together academic, artistic, and art educational programs. Among Illustration, Animation and other areas of specialization a dedicated Games department, KHKgames, was founded in 2018. For our purposes a Game is defined as an approach to interacting with and directing a player or audience. Beyond this very open principle a game can be anything. Students are encouraged to develop a multidisciplinary creative practice and to think across and beyond genres.


http://animation.uni-kassel.de/ (Animation)
http://khkgames.de/ (Games)
https://newmediakassel.com/ (New Media)

Name Age Gender

A non-binary person deals with intrusive questions about their gender… asked by the player.

A safe space to ask and learn more answers.

Multiple Capaciousness

This kinetic novel investigates the self-defined softening of body boundaries, the fragmented experience in states of complex PTSD, it attempts to replicate the “impasse” as a seductive moment of resistance.


A girl moves into a new student residence. It seems it’s not just her roommate living there with her.

ShanQi Hotel

The ShanQi Hotel is located on top of a distant mountain. The only connection to the outside world is a cable car. Mr. ShanQi takes care of everythings by himself like cafeteria, rooms and guests. The hotel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The prototype of this immersive AR app addresses the themes of memory, representation and hybridity.


Sluty’s Toy Gals

„Sluty’s Toy Gals“ is a small piece of erotic Interactive Fiction. It is heavily inspired by sexpositive Hyperpop and Slutcore aesthetics and aims at overcoming shame in a playful way.

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An online multiplayer exhibition created and featuring works by students of games class. Bringing parts of Kunsthochschule into virtual space and inviting to wander, chat and explore.