Hochschule Offenburg

The Faculty of Media and Information Science at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg offers two courses of study in which games, VR and AR applications and CG are offered. The interdisciplinary bachelor’s programme Media and Information Science, B.Sc, in which computer science, design, economics and technology are taught, offers an ideal prerequisite for the development of games and other real-time applications, since design, computer science and technology go hand in hand here. But games and artistic, interactive installations are also conceived and worked out in the design-based course of studies, mgp, mediengestaltung produktion with a B.A. degree. In addition, project work is offered which can be implemented jointly by students of both courses.


Der letzte Bus


Der letzte Bus is a web-based interactive story, which is inspired by classic Point & Click Adventures. Accompany young Ember, who is faced with serious decisions in a dystopian future as she searches for her parents. Play it now on https://der-letzte-bus.de

2446 – Anthropocene Rebirth

The online-multiplayer based RTT-Game 2446 – Anthropocene Rebirth takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Command powerful vessels in an epic battle to gain domination over the map and find a mysterious artefact of the old days.

MineWrecker ​- inspired by Minesweeper

The player has a FPS like view and interacts directly with the minefield as a kind of bouncing ball, which wrecks the mines by hitting them and being bounced off by the explosion to plan the next hit from above.

Synthunter – VR Shooter

Aim of the game is to beat high scores in this unique VR Shooting Gallery, completely to the rhythm of the Indie Fan‘s favourite music genre – Synthwave!

Synthunter – VR Shooter

Collecta is based on the open world system. The goal of the game is to collect 10 cards which are scattered randomly across the whole map within 10 minutes.


Polion is a bird’s eye view of a strategy game. Two hostile species fight against each other – humans vs undead. The “rock-paper-scissors” principle functions as the combat system.


Haunted Woods II is a first-person horror game in which the player, in search of the whereabouts of his wife Emily, has to dive into the dark world of his own thoughts and memories, only to realize that there is a dormant monster within him.