Hochschule der Medien

Interested Students can choose from five courses of study at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), where the focus is on games. Depending on their interests, both Bachelor and Master students have the opportunity to deal with technical, design or content aspects of computer game development.

The bachelor’s programme in Media Informatics primarily teaches information technology skills. In the Audiovisual Media course, technical and design aspects of game development are taught, which can be supplemented by economic and media science content.

Students of mobile media are mainly concerned with apps. Games for smartphones and tablets are programmed, usability and design improved and possible business models developed. Courses in the common elective area of the three courses of study are, for example, “Gameplay Programming”, “Mobile Game Design” or “Screenplay Development”.

The master’s programme Audiovisual Media is about the combination of media technology, design and conception. The focus is on content aspects of game development. For this purpose, the programme has established the study focus Interactive Systems/Games.

In the Master Computer Science and Media the focus is more on information technology. Here, too, there is an opportunity for further specialisation: the course of studies offers the focus on Interactive Media, Usability and Games.

The Institute for Games at the Stuttgart Media University

Under the motto “Study. Knowledge. Make” the university of the Media (HdM) in Stuttgart 27 bachelor and master programmes around the topic of media. The Institute for Games, founded in 2013 (IfG) bundles all activities related to games and serves students,

developers, publisher studios, manufacturers, associations and scientific Institutions as a platform. The participating courses of study have been active for many years in the research of new ways in media production. Film, sound, interactive media, games, computer graphics and animation. offer a broad research terrain.

In five bachelor’s and master’s programmes, those interested in games can deal with technical, design or content aspects of the development of computer games: Audiovisual Media (Bachelor and Master), Computer Science and Media (Master), Media Informatics and Mobile Media (each Bachelor). In addition, there is the opportunity to do a doctorate through cooperation with national and international partners.

Prof. Dr. Sabiha has now been working as a curator at the Game Zone of the ITFS for 9 years and is looking forward to the new challenge: “The Game Zone Talents 2021 online edition will show a colourful selection of the games created at the institute in the summer semester 2020 and in the winter semester 2020/21. We hope you enjoy browsing and playing”.