Hochschule Darmstadt

The Animation and Game programme is a project-based Bachelor degree course with strong practical focus. Carried out in English language it qualifies students for careers in the international media entertainment industries. The unique combination of the two disciplines reflects the merging platforms and enables the graduates to evolve in a highly dynamic professional field. 

During 7 semesters the students gain solid skills regarding the entire production process and can specialize in typical professional fields of the animation and game industry.

The follow up Master Programme Animation and Game Direction qualifies for leading positions in higher education, research and the creative industry.

Ace Cat Finder

In the 3D-adventure Ace Cat Finder you play as the young adult Jasmin on her mission to search for missing cats and to catch them. Explore a charming down town full of delightfully cute cats!

Erkunde eine charmante Altstadt voll mit putzigen Kätzchen!


How old will you get if controlling your immune system is up to you and your friends? Find out in this turn-based strategy game, where each player has to control one part of the immune system to fight against ever-changing diseases.


A s ubmersible crew searches for a submarine that has mysteriously gone missing in an unexplored part at the bottom of the ocean. The team discovers ancient truths about their world and themselves on the journey.


Will you hide i n the crowd and disturb the festival or are you a guard who seeks for order? Gather all your friends and find out i n this multiplayer party game!

Stolen Time

After getting trapped inside a mysterious grandfather clock, two brothers have to use their newly acquired ability of manipulating time to find an escape before it’s too late.


In search of your lost items, you venture out into a haunted forest, which has become
dark and twisted, seemingly changing as one wanders through it.

Losing Charge

Jay, a trans teenage boy, uses social media to isolate himself from his father after he
loses his emotional support when his best friend and twin sister moves away in this
interactive comic.