Trapped Predator

Trapped Predator is a young media startup, located in Ludwigsburg/Germany. It was founded in August 2018 by the artists Patrick Marcel Benito and Kyra E. Lukas. Their projects have a strong focus on story and creating a cinematic, emotional experience. Right now they are working on the release of their first mobile game “A New Eden” and also the prototype of their first console/pc release.

You wake up in a world where mankind has retreated to underground bunkers in a desperate attempt to survive. Completely alone and without any memory of what has happened, you try to assert yourself in this new world.

A New Eden is a text adventure RPG with a post-apocalyptic setting and a mixture of CYOA and survival game. As a player you create your own character, guide him through his adventures, collect resources and distribute them in order to survive.