Studio Sterneck

We are an Indie Game Studio located at Kokolores Collective in Ludwigsburg.

Our present project is called Get Together, which currently is in the prototyping phase.

Alongside our own projects we provide services for interactive media productions focused on games.

Studio Sterneck was founded by Moritz, Nico and Simon. Three programmers with passion for cooperative gaming and development itself.

Get Together – a cooperative experience for two players

In Get Together you experience a story of union. You follow two unlucky beings who got separated from one another. Be part of their journey through mystical environments brimming with magic. Communicate with each other and solve challenging puzzles, all while slowly getting closer to your shared objective. Can you reunite?

Get Together is always played by two people, each playing on a different device.

Get Together is always played in pairs, each on their own device.