Creating*Diversity Game Jam

7.05. till 9.05.2021

With the Creating Diversity Game Jam, we want to let the gamer-nerd cliché out of the basement. Video games have the potential to represent people in our society as diverse as they really are. We want to see more people of different ethnic backgrounds, social origins, sexual orientation and genders, with different physical and mental abilities, young and old in games.

Over one weekend we want to work on ideas and prototypes for games about diversity, equality, inclusion or discrimination.

No prior knowledge is necessary. Both beginners professionals are invited.


Tilda is a very short but really cute game about Tilda and her daily adventures on the way to school. The Game Jam’s topic was diversity. The topic is near and dear to our hearts. The goal of our game is to highlight that queer kids often experience loneliness and feel like they do not belong. We want to empower queer kids and make them visible by choosing diverse characters. We want to encourage queer kids to become visible themselves and bring diversity and color to their families and friends.

We hope you enjoy the game and it brightens your day!

This game was made with love and dedication by:

Judith Greiner (Instagram: @/ Judyinginside)

jackie | Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura (

Katharina Simma (

Guerilla Gardening

“You look around your neighbor’s front yard. A gray, monotonous pile of pebbles. Now that’s about to change!” Guerilla Gardening was developed as part of the ITFS Creating*Diversity Game Jam. Joining the team were Oliver Meyer, Sophie Kalinowsky and Isabelle Bastian. The playing field is your neighbors’ front yard and there is only one goal: plant as many colorful plants as you can before you run out of time and the neighbors notice you! Each time you want to plant something, the game will pick a random, colorful plant. Try to organize them, or see chaos, whichever you like better!

Looking for a challenge? Try these extra rules! 1. do not plant plants of the same color on adjacent fields. Two red flowers should not touch each other on either side of the hexagonal field they are planted on! 2. try to form a circle of all six plants! No colors should be duplicated per circle or touch a plant of the same color on the sides.

“What does gardening have to do with creating diversity?”

There are six different looking and colored plants in our game and (not so) coincidentally, you can define six dimensions of diversity!

(Those are gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity & nationality, religion & belief, and disability).

Of course, one can dig much deeper there, but we have seen the opportunity to spread “good vibes” and draw a comparison. Just like the drab front yards that players can turn into colorful fields of flowers, diversity makes our real world more beautiful!


Oliver Meyer (

Sophie Kalinowsky (Instagram: @sophmotion)

Isabelle Bastian

The Game Jam is organized in cooperation with Studio Fizbin.