Stuttgart has also arrived in the eSport scene. With Engines Stuttgart e.V., the first eSport club of the city introduces itself!

History Engines Stuttgart e.V.

Engines Stuttgart was founded in March 2018 as a result of the eSport initiative “Campus eSports” of the constituted student body of the Stuttgart Media University. The aim of the initiative was to organize students of the Stuttgart Media University into teams to represent them in the Uniliga Stuttgart. In cooperation with the student body, these students could be provided with a gaming room for joint training sessions and meetings. During this time at the Stuttgart Media University some events could be organized. Particularly noteworthy is the first STUGGILAN in October 2018, a classic LAN party for 180 guests. As a follow-up event, the STUGGILAN: Melee Edition took place in mid-June 2019 in Bietigheim, a Super Smash Bros. event. We also hosted tournaments in League of Legends and Rocket League, under the name Media Legends, and Hearthstone tournaments under the name MediaStone. About one year after the foundation, we finally took the step to found a club and since then, as Engines Stuttgart e.V., we have been a contact point for all eSports enthusiasts in and around Stuttgart.

Goals Engines Stuttgart e.V.

We would like to become the contact for eSports in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region and promote mass eSports in the region. Interested players will also find a professional and local platform with which they can enter into organized eSports. Specifically, we will continue to organise eSports events in the region, tackle the next big LAN party and present ourselves and eSports at trade fairs. A further goal is to bring Stuttgart’s eSporters to the national top and to show which talents are slumbering in the region. Furthermore, one of our major goals is to establish an eSport performance centre in Stuttgart in the future.

In order to achieve these goals, we are looking for partners and hope to shape the future of Stuttgart’s popular eSport together!

1337 eSport

We are 1337 eSport. After years of experience in the eSport scene, we experienced first hand the not yet fully exploited potential of eSport. For this reason, we founded 1337 eSport and made it our mission to advance eSport through event management, consulting and talent management. From operational and strategic consulting to the complete organization of events, there are no limits to our services and we are proud to be able to cover almost the entire spectrum in the eSport sector in order to provide our partners with the best possible support.

One project we are particularly proud of was the MT Legends with the top handball club MT Melsungen.