In the Media Library ONLINE+ you will find around 200 selected animated short films from the current competition year of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2022. Included are: The International Competition, Young Animation (student film competition), Tricks for Kids, two programs for schools, the Trickstar Nature Award program and the supporting program Ukraine Benefit: Animation by Linoleum.

The film programs are only available as entire playlists.

You will also get access to the live stream of the Trickstar Professional Awards on Wednesday, May 04, 18:30. Starting Sunday, May 08, 22:00, the award winning films will be available.

Short Film Pass ONLINE+:

Either on the homepage https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/en or on the subpages of ONLINE+ (https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/en/onlineplus/) you can buy the Short Film Pass ONLINE+ directly via the video player. Please note that the films will not be unlocked until 5/2/2022. It is possible that the playlists will not be unlocked automatically. If so, please enter your ticket ID in the video player that you received by email.

Accreditation professionals:

If you have purchased an accreditation HYBRID or ONLINE PRO, you do not need to buy a Short Film Pass ONLINE+ – after your log-in on the homepage you will automatically get access to the media library.

The media library ONLINE+ is open from Monday, 2.5.2022, 00:00 until Sunday, 15.5.2022, 23:59.

Please note: Once you have started a playlist, you can replay the respective content as often as you like within a period of 72 hours. After that, it is no longer possible to play the content.

If you have purchased a Short Film Pass ONLINE+, you can only watch the films in Germany.

If you have purchased an accreditation, the media library is largely accessible without geoblocking.

If the films do not play properly, first open the website in another Internet browser.

Make sure that you have entered your ticket ID.

If it still does not work, please contact us by mail at service@festival-gmbh.de. Please be as specific as possible about your problem: Which playlist is not working, which browser are you using, which system and which device are you using? Please also include your ticket ID and the email address you have purchased your ticket from.

We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible and get back to you.

Yes. In the International Competition, you can vote for the SWR OnlineFilm Audience Award: At the end of each short film there will be a star rating from 1 – 5. The more stars you give, the better chance the film has. The voting period starts on May 2 and ends on May 7 at 12:00.

In the Tricks for Kids competition, you can also vote for the Tricks for Kids Audience Award, donated by L-Bank. The voting period starts on May 2 and ends on May 6 at 12:00 pm.

Yes. Download the Ticket Player app:

After a free registration by mail address you can enter the ticket ID from the confirmation mail to watch.

An alternative to the app is Airplay.

Chromecast unfortunately does not work in the video player at the moment due to technical problems.

The ONLINE PRO section is for professionals only who have already bought a HYBRID or ONLINE PRO accreditation.

After successfully logging in on the homepage, you will have access to the ONLINE PRO calendar, which contains information and links to exclusive online programs. You also have access to the ONLINE+ media library, mostly without geoblocking.

Everyone who is logged in to ONLINE PRO automatically receives a profile in the community area for networking.

In the ONLINE PRO media library you get access to exclusive video content.

You can also watch the Animation Production Days conference on Wednesday, May 4 at 1:45 pm in the live stream.

If you have already purchased an accreditation HYBRID or ONLINE PRO and visit the homepage for the first time, you must register once. To do so, enter the email address you used when purchasing your ticket here: https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/en/checkin/

Please note: There are some technical problems at the moment. If your email address is not found in the system, please enter your ticket ID on this page, which you received in the mail from Xing-Events: https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/en/checkin/ticket/

After successful verification you can enter a password and are logged in. In the future you can log in here: https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/en/login/

The community of ONLINE PRO is for networking: https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/en/community/

If you are logged in on the homepage, you will automatically receive your peronal community profile. Your profile is only visible for professionals who are also logged in on the homepage. Here you can edit your profile: https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/user/?um_action=edit

You can access your profile settings here: https://onlinefestival.itfs.de/account/privacy/

Do you want to contact someone? Write him or her a message directly. All your message histories can be found on your profile.

Please note that after 15.5.2022 you will no longer have access to your profile and your messages.

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